This picture of characters from Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy's horror comic The Wake. I used a small amount of shading for this piece in order to accentuate the shadows and small details of the character's hair and other features. Minimal shading in this case fit well for the comic book style artwork, while a large amount of shading would have ruined the piece.
This is the project that has by far taken me the longest to accomplish and finally put to rest. This piece was the bane of me for a month, I would work on it for hours during the week, then forget about it. This process repeated until I forced myself to finish it after a full month had passed. It's Fredbear from Five Nights a t Freddy's, and in this case I used maximum shading. Everything in this piece is simply a value, no strong lines were used to outline anything except basic sketch lines to plot out where ojects should be placed in relation to one another.
This is not my longest project, but by far my most ambitious. This drawing is of the characters Led and Debbie from Rick Remender's and Sean Murphy's comic book Tokyo Ghost, (not to be confused with the anime titled Tokyo Ghoul). This is another drawing utilizing maximum shading in that every part of the drawing is a value, and only basic sketch lines were used to estimate the location of certain objects.
This is a drawing I whipped up in an afternoon based off the character Roadhog from the videogame Overwatch. I used somewhat minimal shading in order to make it appear as though the different parts of the drawing had depth and looked more alive. I also used this drawing as an excuse to experiment with Overwatch's somewhat cartoony yet realistic art style.
Minimal Shading is an element of my style that can be seen in almost every drawing I work with. Minimal shading is when shapes or areas that have been created in a drawing are filled in with solid or cascading values, solid being all one value, cascading going from one value to another. The drawings above that use minimal shading are the Roadhog and the characters from The Wake. These drawings were meant to focus on the design itslef, meaning they didn't need to have outrageuosly detailed values. Another major use of minimal shading is to imply colors, because personally I hate using color on my drawings. Using alighter value or a much darker value can imply that a lighter color or darker color is actually occupying that space. The use of minimal shading can be used to enhance the quality and composition of any piece.
Maximum shading is when a drawing is mostly values as opposed to being mostly of lines and other outlined shapes. The drawings above that use maximum shading are the drawing of Fredbear as well as the Tokyo Ghost drawing. These projects were extremely long term in that weeks and months were spent on both of these projects because of the tremendous amount of time that I devoted making the values detailed. I start these intimidating projects but doing some basic sketch lines, then just beginning to fill in values at one spot and branching out from there.