Experimenting with Mediums

This was a project I enjoyed doing in my Art II class these recent months. This project consisted of making custom colors of sand by mixing basic colors like red, blue, yellow, green, etc. to make more complicated and richer colors. The design was first drawn onto a piece of paper, then glue was applied to select areas of the design at a time. By only applying the glue to certain areas at a time, certain colors could be placed in certain areas. For example glue was placed on all the blue regions. Then blue sand was sprinkled on top of the entire piece and shaken off. When the sand was shaken off, the blue sand remained in only the regions it needed to because of the application of the glue.

Symbols and the Piece

I utilized a lot of symbols in this piece in order to convey a message, I won't go to in detail on what they are and what they mean because art should be for yourself to discover. Some obvious symbols presented in the piece are the fire which can be interpreted as either positive or negative. The blues of a raging ocean, adn the greens of the organisms of the world. Placing symbols into your work allows it to become more abstract and convey a greater message, while also not becoming to detailed or needing a lot of explanation to convey a message. I encourage you in your own artwork to experiment with symbols and create your own messages.