What Do I Take?

When I'm drawing from a reference I often become unsure of how much of the reference do I draw. Am I using this reference to simply copy this image as a drawing? Am I using this reference for some small elements or details and making them my own? Am I combining multiple references in order to create one picture? Don't be afraid to draw from reference either. Most people I've discussed this topic with have said they feel as though drawing from reference is "cheating" or "copying." Drawing from a referecne material isn't cheating, it's what allows you to grow as an artist and experience new styles.

When I Draw from Reference

The pictures above were all drawn from reference materials or used reference materials in order to create those compositions. The profile pictures from The Wake comic book were drawn from existing artwork done by Sean Murphy. The picture of Fredbear I tried to draw directly from an image attempting to copy the picture excatly. The initial sketch for the Contour Line Gator Project was copied from a picture, but changed to fit the countor line style. The drawing of my Dungeons and Dragons character began as a picture of a different character, before I changed elements such as the hair and facial features.