Idea and Preliminary Work

This project came from having an Art II porject assigned to me where a landscape design had to be created using thin-point markers as a medium and using contrasting and complementary colors. The idea for this view of New York came from when I was at Liberty State Park in New Jersey and saw the amazing view of NYC and the World Trade center from that angle. That experience influenced my use of bright colors for this design, because even a place is portrayed as dismal and gray, it can still be full of life.

Final Product

After some preliminary sketches and experimentation with the medium of markers, I began work on this project. I went back and forth on whether to use lines or small x's in order to create the sky, but settling on the coice of the small x allowed the piece to have much more depth and character. The incorporation of the orange into the clouds allowed for the clouds to have more depth as well as contrast well with the blues and purples of the sky and ocean.