I know, reading books is something that can be really daunting or just boring in our modern day life of posting, sharing, and having the attention span of a godlfish. But diving into a book is something that I believe drives me forward as a visual artist. I know that may not make sense considering I'm also the worst writer to ever grace this planet. But there's something special about fantasy and science fiction with me that makes me want to draw. A writer crafts a sentence with the intent to create an image in the minds of the reader. This process always makes me think about how I could translate the image created by the words to a physical image representing that description. Books such as A Game of Thrones and Ender's Game have been large inspirations.

Comic Books

Comic books as opposed to traditional literature do not allow the reader to create an image in their head using words. The artist of a comic book creates the image the reader sees while reading, however the style, colors, and feeling of the picture contribute to the reader's overall understanding of the story, themes, and characters. My favorite comic book artist is Sean Murphy who has done work on books such as Chrononauts, Tokyo Ghost, and Punk Rock Jesus. His artwork in these books provides amazing reference for understanding panel layout and art should be telling half of the story in a comic book as opposed to simply being a visual to look at while reading the comic.


Movies are good, and not specifically one genre of movie or just comib book movies, I'm a fan of good movies in general. Of course some of my favorites are comic book movies, but I do generally care about things such as cinematigraphy and how things are filmed. I find this process very interesting and use it to influence how I frame certain drawings, as well as create stories or interesting characters. Some of my favorite movies are the original Alien which I consider a horror masterpiece with the use of it's cinematography and music, Logan which is an amazing example of how the Western genre influences movies today, as well as the original Star Wars trilogy because of how it seamlessly world builds a universe around a very simple story.


Music is another huge influence on my artistic thinking and ability. I usually have music playing over speakers or through headphones whenever I draw. much like the author of a book, good music gives you a picture of the emotion or situation the artist is trying to evoking through sond. Some of the artists that inspire me when I draw are Gorillaz, Flyleaf, Matisyahu, and Lacey Sturm. Some others being Sabaton, Nine Inch Nails, Alestorm, Lorde, and the Grateful Dead. I hope these artists inspire you when you create as they do with me.