Idea and Preliminary Works

I completed this project with one of my friends from my Art II class, we were tasked to create a piece in rememberance of the holocaust to be displayed at one of the middle schools' Holocaust Rememberance Night. The idea for this project came from the ghettos and internment camps established during the Holocaust. We decided to have a project showing both the atrocities of the holocaust but also the hope optimism for the future of never allowing an event such as that to happen again.

Working with Mediums

This project primarily utilized two mediums, colored pencils and markers. The preliminary design was replicated on to the paper fpr the final piece and then traced with a marker in order to create dark outlines. Both colored pencils and bright markers were then used in order to create the bright colors of the piece. Matte Board was used to mount the piece to both a red and gray frame. The text was created in Photoshop Cs3 and then printed out onto yellow paper, in order to match the yellow of the butterfly wings.