Idea and Preliminary Work

This project came from the work that I was doing in my Art II class. Our teacher allowed us to choose a gourd and use a variety of mediums in order to turn our gourd into something. I didn't have a strong idea of what I wanted my gourd to be, but once I picked a gourd and saw its shape and features I knew exactly what I wanted it to be. I decided to make my gourd into a sea serpent using a variety of mediums such as paint, wood, clay, and other crafts supplies. The pictures above shown my progression through the project.

Experimenting with Mediums

After planning out my project I was able to begin working and experimenting. The First step that I took was crafting the piece of clay that would be used to finish the first body segment of my serpent (As can be seen in the first picture above). After having the clay fired I attached to the gourd and painted it all green. Next, I used wood for the spines, glitter glue for the mouth, and google eyes for the... eyes. I then crafte the other parts of the body, fired them, and attached each piece to the board. I finished the project off with tissue paper as the ocean the serpent is swimming in.