This piece was based off of the DC Comics character Harley Quinn and her appearence in both the TV show Batman: The Animated Series and the movie Suicide Squad. I used the appearence of Harley herself to get the look and style of the picture, but used the costume of Margot Robbie's portrayel of the character for the costume, hair, and makeup. This was made for my friend Julia.
I did this piece for my friend Suzy, who is a huge fan of the Disney program Gravity Falls. This is a humanized version of the character Bill Cypher, who normally appears as the small triangle in the lower left corner. I have no idea what this show is about, and what this character is in actuality.
This character is Zed from the massive multiplayer online battle arena. This particular version of Zed is an alternate skin that portrays him as a robot, called Project Zed. One student in my Spanish class last year played the game and saw me drawing one day and commisioned me to make him a drawing.
This is a drawing I did of my Dungeons and Dragons character Too-Daan. He is a human monk. This drawing was not a gift for anyone, but I plan on drawing all of my friends' D&D characters as gifts to them.

Giving Gifts

Giving Gifts to my friends is one of my favorite parts of being an artist. Being able to share your gifts, talents, and skills with another person. I'm not saying that you now never need to spend money on anything and can just draw things for everyone you know. No. Don't do that. People don't appreciate that. What I'm trying to say is that it's a nice addition to be able to give a gift some perosnality and a little personal touch. If you give someone a drawing for a smaller occasion, such as an anniversary with an intimate partner or a friend, then I feel that the drawing is the only thing necessary. The last time I was in a relationship, we would exchnage drawings with one another on any significant anniversary or day.