Idea and Preliminary Works

The Project I was tasked with in my Art II class was to create a contour line drawing of an animal along with different natural objects in order to create a foreground composition. A contour line drawing is a drawing which only is made up of lines that outline areas of the object, and don't consist of any values or shading. The contour line drawing was then traced onto a clear piece of acetate, plastic, and was then painted. The painting was then mounted on a background of ripped colored paper.

Working with Mediums

This project was very unique in it's use of a variety of mediums to create a single cohesive composition. The mediums used for this project were as follows: pencils, paper, markers, acetate/plastic, tempera paints, and ripped conctruction paper. The wide variety of mediums used in order to create the piece allowed for a large amount of experimentation with particular mediums. As well as giving me a chnace to do what I always want to, paint.