This piece was based off of the DC Comics character Harley Quinn and her appearence in both the TV show Batman: The Animated Series and the movie Suicide Squad. I used the appearence of Harley herself to get the look and style of the picture, but used the costume of Margot Robbie's portrayel of the character for the costume, hair, and makeup. This was made for my friend Julia.
I based this drawing off of the Marvel Comic character Daredevil and his costume from his first appearence. I made this drawing slighlty differetn from the original picture by making it black and white as opposed to in color. This allowed for me to dabble with different shades of gray as well as omit parts of the design which did not compliment shades of gray instead of color.
I drew this picture of the Marvel Comics character Spiderman and based it off of the character's first appearence in the pages of Amazing Fantasy. I similarly to my Daredevil picture made the images in grays as opposed to colors. I gave up on drawing his other arm because it's hard sometimes to create symmetry in a design. Classic Spiderman's costume is much less refined than his modern costumes.
This drawing was of Hugh Jackman's portrayel of Wolverine from the movie Logan that debuted earlier in 2017. I darkened up his features and put shadows over his eyes in order to darken the picture somehwat as well as get out of drawing eyes (something I hate doing as well as struggle with).

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Fanart is a great way to express creativly with different artstyles and ideas that you enjoy and want to experience more. Fanart also allows you to find people who share your same interests and grow creativly off of one another. Great websites to post fanart on and browse galleries of fanart are deviantart, reddit, a particular piece of media's fanart, or even tumblr (personally not a fan of that last one).