Creating Stories

Characters and a world can only take you so far in D&D, that's why DM's craft stories for players to play through and experience. Giving backstory to the characters and battles players are experiencing helps them become invested in the game. I have laid the groundwork for a broader and greater story than they believe is possible with my friends from Boy Scouts. Laying groundwork in this way allows for players to explore and interact with the world before the main story picks up and carries the characters away on an epic adventure.

Original Characters 1

Dungeons and Dragons is an extremely unique game, there's really no other game that allows the amount of creative freedom it allows. To explain the game to anyone who has never played, it is basically playing make-believe with your friends with a set of rules. Each player customizes their own character and the Dungeon Master crafts the world that the player's characters are experiencing. This allows an infinite number of adventures crafted by yourself and your friends. This allows you to create interesting characters with unique personalities and abilities.

Original Characters 2

My character Too-Daan who is a Human Monk. Original characters that aren't controlled by players would be considered non-player characters. These are characters the Dungeon Master would control and have interact with the player's characters. These non-player characters could be anything from shopkeepers to enemies to even allies that will fight with the party and assist them. Being able to create these unique characters helps to build worlds for players to explore. Dungeons and Drgaons is an extremely fun game full of creativity I encourage everyone to try out with their friends one Saturday night.