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Note: The class that this webiste was designed for has ended, however this website will continue but updates may not be as frequent. Thank you for your viewing! My name is Logan, and I am a tenth grader living in suburban New Jersey. Art has always been a passion of mine throughout the good times and the bad, a friend to spend time with or a shoulder to cry on. When I would color and draw as a little kid, my grandfather would always sit with me and draw. I strived to be as good as him and be able to create masterpieces like he does today. Comic book artist Sean Murphy has also been an inspiration to me. His idea to never take on a project he doesnt like, or one where he wil be forced to make unreasonable deadlines that would diminish the quality of his artwork, shows that greatness can't be accomplished over night.




I do not play the game, but the charcater designs are wonderful.




Creating things you enjoy encouarges you to draw more.


Sand Project


A fun Art II Project involving glue and sand.

Song of the Week

'Back to the Old' by Matisyahu


Another single from Matisyahu's new album Undercurrent available May 19th.